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Shredding Services of Texas, Inc.
Businesses can choose between
two can sizes.   
32 gallon 19"x 21"x38"
66 gallon 24"x 27"x 41"
You fill it up. We come shred it!
Our shredding trucks destroy
documents on site. There's no
piecing that back together!
We stack the bales of shredded
paper in our shop. Once enough are
compiled, we call in our trusted
paper mill associates and they take
the bales to be recycled.
After being shredded, the paper
fragments are compressed into
compact bales of paper. Each one
weighs about 1,500 lbs! That's a
lot of paper!
Paper Selfie! President of
Shredding Services of
Texas, Inc., Rick Spalding,
in front of pile of shredded
paper ready for transfer to
the baler.
The Secure Collection, Destruction, and
Recycling of Your Confidential Documents
If you opt for off-site shredding or
drop off your paper at the shop,
we'll shred it using our in-house