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We offer top quality services

  1. 01.We can come to you.
  2. 02.We are local.
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We can come to you

Unlike some of our competitors, we have shredding trucks that can come to your office and shred all of your confidential paper in your parking lot; no pre-scheduled pick-up times, no loading onto trucks only to transfer to a second location, no extra hands and eyes handling your confidential documents.


We are local

If you are in Abilene, you don't have to prearrange a scheduled pick up time. You can give us a call and, on average, have your shredding picked up within two business days, often much sooner. Same day shredding is a common occurrence at Shredding Services of Texas, Inc.


Local Resources

The money you spend at Shredding Services of Texas, Inc. in Abilene, Texas stays in Abilene, Texas.



Route Service

The most traditional option (and the only one that many competitors offer) for businesses. We offer different sized cans for you to fill at your own rate at your business location. Based on a predetermined schedule, we come shred the paper in our container. This allows us to regularly serve our customers outside of Abilene; including, Sweetwater, Eastland, Breckenridge, etc.

On-Call Can Service

Our most popular shredding service for Abilene businesses! The convenience of on- site shredding without the constraints of a predetermined schedule. Just call us whenever the can is about full and we will bring our shredding truck to destroy your documents on-site.

No Cans On-Site Service

Call us whenever you clean out your home, office, or warehouse and we can bring an on-site truck to your location. We will take your boxes of paper and transfer the contents to cans to be shredded on the truck while you watch. We can bring a second truck to haul away the cardboard for a nominal fee.


Off-Site Shredding Service

Call us whenever you clean out your home, office, or warehouse and we can bring a truck to your location. For off-site service, we will palletize your boxes on our truck and haul it back to the shop to shred.

Drop Off Shredding Service

Bring whatever paper you need shredded to our business location and we can handle it. You are welcome to stay and watch. We have had customers bring in amounts as small as a grocery bag to as large as an 18 wheeler with 14 pallets.


Hard Drive Destruction

If you need an inexpensive way to destroy an old pile of hard drives, give us a call.

X-Ray Recycling

We securely accumulate and store old x-ray film until we have a ton or two. We ship it to a mill that securely destroys the film and recycles the plastic and the residue.


Whether it's paper you've shredded yourself, non-confidential intact paper, or the paper we shred for you, it can likely be recycled. If you'd like to discuss recycling options for your documents, give us a call. In some cases we can even provide our bins for free so we can securely recycle your shredded paper.